Season wrap-up

I had every intention to write and post regular fishing reports for you but then the fishing got so good and so busy there was barely enough time to sleep! Eat, Sleep, Fish, Repeat, you may have heard this one before.

So here is a little pictorial wrap-up of the last two months of our Southland season. March was tough, with low water, spooky fish and a lot of anglers about but April was its usual glorious self, with great hatches, and plenty of feeding fish out. When it’s really ON, there is no other place like it if you like precise fishing with small dries for better-than-average brown trout.

One day we hooked up with a true Mataura trophy – a magnificent fish in 8-10 lbs range – which confidently took a #16 Hi-vis Parachute, then tore off into its hole and an entire tree that was there. Even on a 100lb tippet we would not have pull it out or stopped its run. These intense moments are certainly the highlights of autumn for me.

Best summer ever?


What a superb summer it has been here in southern New Zealand: long spells of fine stable weather, deafening cicada song, eager fish rising to dries and terrestrials. With the first cold front and first snow of the year the cicada action is rapidly tapering off and it’s time to roll with the seasons. The light has definitely changed, it’s crisper and cooler and autumn is only a week or two away. I’ll be moving down to Southland and fishing the fabled mayfly hatches there for the next two months.

Meanwhile here are a few images of summer

Late November

Just back from a super week of fly fishing in the Mackenzie Country. Hatches, 200kph wind one day, snow, sunshine and days of calm before and after the storm. Camping, campfires, quality conversations, hand-picked wines and good food. And yea, plenty of nice fish. All as good as it gets …




Early November 2015

Southland creek
The spring gales and floods have passed and the windows of good weather are getting longer. Tough as the spring was weatherwise, it still offered great fishing if you’ve picked the right time and place. Generally, everything seems to be a month early, there’s been plenty of dry fly activity in Southland, even the first manuka (green) beetles have appeared in the Southern Lakes. The river levels, though still a bit high in places, are stabilising too and now the backcountry rivers are all open. Fish are in great conditions and the season’s prospects are looking superb. See yo out there!

Early October 2015

After the best winter in many years, our trout fishing season opened 1 Oct with sunny skies but severe gales, making for overall quite challenging and volatile fishing. Which is typical spring really so nothing to be concerned about. There have been a few windows of calm rewarding the patient. The good news is the trout are in superb conditions so once the gales subside the fishing will be great. Tune in for regular updates here …