Fly Casting

I am an internationally qualified casting instructor, certified by the IFFF. I run “fly fishing for beginners” and “improve your fly fishing” courses, and casting, presentation and accuracy are always the key element of those. If you could do just one thing to dramatically improve your fly fishing, catch rate and enjoyment of the art, it’d have to be investing time into your casting. Your guides will love you for it!


Feel free to Contact me if you are interested in fly casting tuition at whatever level you are at.

certified IFFF casting instructor Derek GrzelewskiMeanwhile below are some clips from about Bill Gammel’s casting fundamentals made my fly fishing mate and neighbour from across the river Carl McNeil of the Once in a Blue Moon movie fame. Carl has the biggest fly fishing YouTube channel on the planet, and he has set new standards in instructional casting DVDs.

Also, for a bit of a laugh you may also like to read my story on casting in Jan-Feb 2015 issue of NZ Rod&Rifle magazine:

And for a NZ intro to Spey casting, see my Getting Speyed story in NZ Fish & Game magazine:

New Zealand fly fishing guide_021

To refresh your memory and skills, here are Bill Gammel’s five fundamental principles of fly casting. Never too much of a good thing. Watch, enjoy, apply!


1. Eliminate slack line

2. Timing:

3. Variable casting arc:

4. Power application:

5. Straight rod-tip path:

You’ll find more of Carl’s clips and DVDs at his BUMCAST Youtube channel