Brown Trout

One of our two main species, much sought after and growing to trophy size. A wily creature which requires skill and stealth to outwit. A worthy challenge!

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Rainbow Trout

Feisty and common in river system connected to large lakes. Usually less discerning than browns and thus easier to catch. Electrifying to hook up with.


Chinook salmon

Commonly fished with spin gear in the Pacific (east coast) rivers but fly fishing for NZ chinook is becoming more popular, especially with the arrival of double-handed Spey rods in the country. Unpredictable fish to target and a case of being in the right place at the right time but, in season, an extremely interesting add-on to the hunt for trout.


Sockeye salmon (landlocked)

More a curiosity than a game fish, our landlocked sockeye has come back from near extinction and is seen in ever increasing numbers in the Mackenzie Country. Magnificent to see in big pods, and interesting to catch in small numbers. Note the season for sockeye closes end of Feb


fly_fishing_guide_Derek_Grzelewski_New_Zealand_1.jpBrook trout

If “small is beautiful” this is certainly true about our brook trout found only in high-country feeder streams and lakes. Not really a target species but a jewel nonetheless