Fly fishing in New Zealand is unlike any other because, since our waters are so clear, we can focus almost exclusively on sight-fishing – seeing the fish before we even make a cast. This requires a hunter’s approach, casting accuracy and knowledge of drag-free presentations. It also makes for the most exciting and challenging style of fishing you can imagine.

Listen to the Trout Diaries podcast Episode 5 (below) where we chat with Ian Cole, my good friend, fishing buddy, one of the most experienced fly fishing guides in New Zealand, and a character in both The Trout Diaries and The Trout Bohemia books. We talk about the nature of sight fishing, how to do it well and how not to get into trouble with other anglers pursuing similar goals. River etiquette for sight fishing is totally different from all other styles and, if we want our space and trout solitudes respected, we need to do the same towards others. So listen and learn what are the exact rules of engagement.


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