PLEASE NOTE: As I am currently living in Colorado, USA, my NZ guiding is ON HOLD and NOT AVAILABLE for bookings until further notice. If you want to fish or ski with us in Colorado, or stay in our Fly Fish & Ski Chalet in the Roaring Fork Valley, follow the link here.

Derek emailI am Derek Grzelewski, NZPFGA fly fishing guide in New Zealand, and an IFFF certified casting instructor. Ever since I arrived in New Zealand nearly 30 years ago now I’ve developed an all-consuming passion for fly fishing for both brown and rainbow trout, and an odd salmon as well. Over the years and many magazine assignments I had the privilege to fish with some of the best guides this country has ever produced.

Later I took to guiding myself, partly to spend more time on the river, and largely to share what I have learnt. Later still I wrote the books THE TROUT DIARIES and THE TROUT BOHEMIA, and well, got to fish and guide even more.


I now offer a limited number of hosted/guided days and trips to share my love for and knowledge of New Zealand trout waters. If you wish to make an inquiry about fishing with me please visit my BOOKINGS page.

I’m also an ambassador for LOOP Tackle in New Zealand and a part of the LOOP Global pro-team. A full member of the NZPFGA I specialise in multi-day packages, offering the best of fly fishing in New Zealand. Here are a few samples of what we do:



  • Big fish hunts, early season, Oct-Dec
  • Backcountry Explorer – hikes and heli fishing options, Oct-May
  • Southland Hatches – March, April
  • Tongariro Summer: dry fly in Central North Island – Jan-Feb
  • Tongariro Winter, fishing for winter rainbows – May-June
  • Learn to Fly Fish, a comprehensive multiday immersion in the art
  • Improve your Fly Fishing, taking your skills to the next level


Why you may need a fly fishing guide in New Zealand?

Fly fishing for trout in New Zealand is as good as it gets, and as hard as it gets. Many anglers unaccustomed to sight-fishing, and to the clarity of water that we have here, often struggle to catch New Zealand trout, many go home empty-handed and frustrated. This is a common and universal occurrence and there are two ways around it.

Either you put in a lot of time into figuring out how to catch these big trout – an entire season would not be too much – or, if your time is limited, you hire a professional fly fishing guide.

A guide is not so much a shortcut to success – you still need to travel the road to it – be he can significantly speed up the journey: take you to the right places at the right time, put you in to feeding fish, show you what to do, and what NOT to do. An experienced fly fishing guide. like myself, can also help you refine your skills and fishing finesse to the level required in New Zealand.


If you’d like to fly fish with me, and experience the magic of THE TROUT DIARIES and THE TROUT BOHEMIA, to meet the trout bohemian tribe and to chase hatches and the big fish with us, please visit the BOOKINGS page and use the inquiry form there. There are limited spaces available.

Here’s a short video of my fly fishing adventures:

Happy fishing! Derek and Maya: